Workshop Description





Master Scheduling &

Material Requirements Planning

The Master Scheduling / Material Requirements Planning Workshop is a two day interactive workshop which includes  interactive lecture, team activities, video and numerous hands-on examples.  The workshop is designed to introduce participants to the major tools and techniques of Master Scheduling and Material Requirements Planning that are prerequisites to creating a Class A materials planning process in their company. 


The workshop shows how the “Master Of All Schedules”  drives the weekly production mix and the main driver of the materials and capacity plans.  Rough cut capacity planning, planning bills of material, time fences, master schedule etiquette, available-to-promise (ATP), and the roles and responsibilities of the master production scheduler are discussed in detail.  This shows you how to allocate limited manufacturing resources to meet the best marketplace opportunities.  The workshop also covers implementation issues and software interfaces.


The logic, calculations, use of, and management of MRP are all discussed in detail.  Among the many areas covered are:  dependent vs. independent demand, time phasing, pegged requirements, planning frequency and horizon, service part planning, actual vs. planned lead times, lot sizing, safety stock management, and order policy determination.  Real-life examples, part numbers and situations are utilized wherever possible.


This course allows each person to validate the logic of  their own MRP process.  When on-line access to a company’s software is available, the course is extended by one-half day to allow participants to apply what was learned directly to their specific environment through hands-on practice.  The course has working exercises, solving problems and analyzing a number of realistic MRP situations, all with the intent of helping the participant understand not just the “what”, but the detail “how” of MRP.


After attending this course, you will be able to:

 ¨     Link software with current business processes

¨      Know if MRP is truly working at your company

¨      Implement a specific action plan to get MRP to work

¨      Set up the right performance measurements to drive improvement

¨      Run the four meetings critical for MRP success

¨      Identify everyone’s (new) roles and responsibilities

¨      Achieve company-wide data integrity - a prerequisite for MRP

¨      Have a master schedule that is reliable

¨      Ensure everyone is working off the same schedule

¨      Know what is being worked on at any time

¨      Use planning bills

¨      Make changes to the schedule without disrupting the over all schedule

¨      Effectively run the weekly operations review meeting

¨      Know the best way to enter orders for your operation

¨      See how the master schedule is used in make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble to order and engineer-to-order environment



Who Should Attend: This course is for professionals in material planning, purchasing, scheduling, manufacturing supervision and all personnel in related functions.  Operating management through first-line supervision will also benefit from this “how to” applied learning experience.





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