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Inventory Record Integrity

One of the fundamental requirements of any manufacturing / distribution company is the reliability of inventory information.  This course provides a focused forum for team groups to fully understand what is required to achieve accurate inventory records.  It is presented in the initial stages of a business improvement process or prior to implementing new manufacturing software to insure that less than the best inventory integrity never becomes an issue.


Accurate records are the foundation of effective communication for planning and control of your manufacturing / distribution company.  This workshop describes how MRP II and Lean Manufacturing both depend on accurate inventory records.  The session establishes why inventories exist and the planning aspects that determine levels of inventory.  Until an organization knows exactly what it has on hand, it is very difficult to deal with reducing the overall quantity on hand.  The rule is Integrity comes before Quantity.


An 8-step methodology for achieving accurate inventory records is presented such that the attendees will be able to quickly develop their own action plan specific to their own company and know how to implement the plan as soon as the workshop is over.  Cycle counting is introduced and discussed, not as a end all to fix the inventory, but rather as a way to verify that all the inventory transaction processes are working correctly every day, every time.  Each participant will gain a clear understanding of exactly how and when to implement a cycle counting program and how to insure you get your money’s worth from the effort.


This is not a course on inventory theory.  The two-day workshop presents a practical and hands-on way to get your inventory integrity up to the levels that are required by any and all formal planning and scheduling methodologies.  This session provides your inventory team the methodology to fix the inventory quickly and permanently.  The objective is 98% integrity in 90 to 120 days.


 As a result of this course, you will be able to:

¨      Eliminate obsolete inventory

¨      Reduce late shipments

¨      Do away with premium shipping costs

¨      Stop doing those expensive physical inventories

¨      Match-up actual quantities with what the computer says

¨      Have complete accountability for inventory accuracy

¨      Eliminate wasted time looking for missing parts

¨      Reduce total inventory levels



Who Should Attend:  This course is for the project team members directly involved with the issues surrounding inventory integrity.  This includes people from engineering, planning, stockroom, shipping/receiving, finance, information systems, materials, inspection and manufacturing.





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