Workshop Description



Achieving Peak Performance

See What the “Best” Manufacturers Do

And Learn How to Implement Their Practices


This two and one half day workshop provides your management team with a comprehensive understanding of “The Basics of Business Improvements.”  It uses a proven Business Model as a foundation and shows how continuous improvement and other time-based strategies such as Just-in-Time, Lean Manufacturing and MRP II fit together to result in a repeatable, reliable and predictable process of running the business.  Recognized business improvement techniques and the key success factors of other thriving organizations are presented to reveal how they can be combined into one synchronous strategy to improve your business performance and profits. 


This session will serve as the basis for creating your single focused approach to Achieving Peak Performance that is understood and promoted by everyone in your company.  Understanding the vision is the first step to everyone being able to contribute to its achievement.  You learn how to implement sound operating performance metrics for each function in the Business Model.  A “how to” approach to achieving Class A performance is used to create a highly interactive learning environment.


A Plan of Action is Created


The Management Solutions International Achieving Peak Performance Workshop is unlike any session you have ever participated in.  It brings the best of World Class manufacturing principles along with a proven methodology for you to learn what to do and to efficiently prioritize your plan of action.  As a participant in this session you will learn and apply Hoshin management planning tools, as you collectively develop the action plan for the organization, based on the World Class principles all participants from your company have learned.  You will not leave this session thinking, “Well, that was interesting, I wonder what we do next?”  By actively participating in this session you will have developed an action plan that supports strategic goals and sets up short-term and near-term priorities.  At the conclusion of the two and one-half days, all participants from your company will know exactly what to do and in what sequence, to provide the best long and short term results for the business. 


Everyone Will Participate


And the best news is that the resulting plan will be the result of the collective wisdom of individuals who participated in the workshop.  It is not a plan assembled by the most vocal members or by only a few individuals in a closed-door session.  The Hoshin tools you will use, and learn how to use again and again, effectively taps the creative ideas of the total group.  The Hoshin planning tools used in this session are well suited to the development of an action plan that is consistent with the business vision.  Hoshin planning personifies the interactive teaching methods utilized in other Management Solutions International courses. 


During the session, the participants are learning to evaluate the status of the company in relationship to the identified strategic direction.  This is a facilitated process where the management group is engaged in energetic discovery and active inquiry, where the participants do not necessarily perceive the activity as learning.


As a result of this course, you will be able to:


¨            Implement a powerful Sales & Operations planning process to drive the business

¨            Establish the right performance measures throughout the business

¨            Use those measurements as a driver of business improvement

¨            Create accountability throughout the organization

¨            Balance supply and demand on a monthly, weekly and daily basis

¨            Tear down departmental barriers that inhibit high levels of performance

¨            Position data integrity as an essential prerequisite to an achievable schedule

¨            Implement changes and use the Business Model as a competitive weapon

¨            See how you can use supply chain concepts in your daily operation

¨            Gain high levels of acceptance and involvement by a broad base of employees

¨            Create a valid manufacturing schedule that you can deliver to 99% on time

¨            Decrease total operating costs by improving total business throughput

¨            Get the most out of your software technology

¨            Implement the 5 key meetings of a high performance business

¨            Learn about and apply Hoshin Planning Tools

¨             See how Hoshin Tools can be used to sort out priorities in all areas of the business


Who Should Attend:  CEO/General Manager and staff who are committed to improving the operations and profit performance for their company.  Operating management through first-line supervision will also benefit from the “how to” applied learning experience.  The more folks who have a clear understanding of the vision and of the process, the more people there are to help the company get to the destination. (2.5 day course)





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