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An Introduction to Management Solutions International

People often want to know more about Management Solutions International, what we do and how we work with companies.  We often can give our inquirers a clearer picture by answering five key questions about ourselves.  Those questions are:

     “What do you do?”

     “How do you get the desired outcome?”

     “Why do people work with you?”

     “What do you focus on in your work?”

     “Who performs your work?”

     “What would people say if I asked them about you?”


So, lets begin…

“What do you do?”

We work with manufacturing companies who want an edge in the marketplace and with decision makers who want a fresh approach to improving their business.


Many companies today have a lot on their plate, a lot of goals, objectives and many projects going on at the same time, . . . and often have trouble implementing the real fundamental improvements without it taking a lifetime. There are often more projects with start dates than with completion dates. At Management Solutions International we work with companies who want an Edge in the Marketplace, and with decision makers (leaders) who want a Fresh Approach to improving their business.



Edge in the Marketplace

We work with manufacturing companies who want an edge in the marketplace, not just to maintain the status quo or troubleshoot an occasional problem.  We spend our time with companies who are looking to make significant improvements in the way they run their business.


…and with decision makers (leaders) who want a Fresh approach to improving their business.  Rather than going for the latest technology or buzz-word of the month, we focus on the underlying business processes and the people who use them.  Our innovative, yet fundamental, approach allows you to achieve the outcomes you desire and require.

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“How do you get to the desired outcome?”

Three "How's":

We help improve a company's condition in three distinct ways. Whether the goal is improving inventory integrity, implementing master scheduling, creating a sales & operations planning process, or creating a "lean" environment, our methodology is the same. We evoke change and help to achieve the outcomes you want via workshops, one-on-one coaching and by providing proven tools and project materials to help you get the job done.



We provide interactive education and participative Workshops as the catalyst to accomplish two key goals.  The first is to help your team develop a shared vision of success by identifying specific project objectives.  The second objective is to create the “buy-in” of how to go about accomplishing your objectives.  As an integral component of the workshop, we do this by formulating a plan of action that is specific to your people, your processes and your company.  The ‘consensus building’ process enrolls everyone in the dream and quickly turns the entire group into focused doers who have a stake in the result.  It is important to note that in order to effectively alter behavior, one needs to change attitudes and in order to positively modify attitudes, you need start by changing an individual’s basic assumptions (paradigms).

One-on-One Coaching

We Coach and teach your people, both one-on-one and in project teams to help them become the very best they can be by keeping them on-track and on-target.  The result is an organization heading in the direction of becoming the very best it can be too.


We provide a Proven project planning and monitoring methodology, team techniques and Hoshin based quality management Tools.  These tools will energize your teams, keep them focused and ensure your company’s most important ambitions result in desired and profitable achievements.

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“Why do people work with you?”

Three Transfers:

Many companies tell us that they work with us because we make three critical transfers to their people that insure not just one-time improvements, but serve as the basis for future successes as well. Specifically, we provide knowledge and skills and then help develop improved relationships between people, departments and teams in the business.



We provide you with what you need to know to, prioritize and implement the improvements that will streamline the operation, grow the business, improve the bottom line, beat the pants off the competition and help you to remain strong for years to come.


We will identify and help your people develop certain Skills and capabilities in two specific areas that are critical to their success, both from an individual’s viewpoint as well as from an owner’s perspective, to help them become better leaders.   First we will help them think creatively in brainstorming issues and possible solutions, and then coach the team to act as one cohesive unit in implementation.  Your people will become a never-ending fountain of fresh ideas that will nourish a culture of continuous improvement long after the project is complete.  Secondly we will help you improve your organizational capability by working with your managers to help them become better leaders, leaders who are able to mobilize and energize the intellectual and creative resources of people at all levels of the company.

Improved Relationships

We will coach your people to perform at their very best by showing them how to build better Relationships with each other, how to work more effectively in teams and how to achieve exciting results that cross departmental boundaries without a hitch.

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“What do you focus on in your work?”

When we work together, we really zero in on four key things. We call them the four cornerstones of our work.



In the true spirit of “Beginning with the end in mind,” we provide proven templates or Business Models, for successful and robust cross-functional business processes. These models will expedite determining the vision of success as well as the appropriate strategies for achieving it.  With the right models in place, everyone can be immediately engaged in making improvements instead of wrestling with where to start and what to do.  Instead of endless hours in the mode of “What”, “Why” and “How”, you will be able to get on with the “Doing” from the outset.


The Strategy of the most successful organizations include, developing two very fundamental qualities.  We will coach your people to create an improvement strategy for your company that will result in both remarkable stability and at the same time, an amazing flexibility to allow you to shift direction quickly to meet customers’ changing requirements.  It is the sequence that is key here.  First an organization must become stable, where the routine happens routinely.  The newfound stability then can provide the foundation for flexibility.  The payoff is a company that handles exceptions and last minute adjustments with ease, dexterity and of course, profitably.


We will guide you through a process of improvement that will make sure you are heading in the right Directions, working on the most important things first and getting the results you need.  The methodology will be one that you can use again and again to keep you focused and on track.  The same process will also allow an individual project team insure that they are working on the most important tasks and activities in the best sequence.


In line with the Deming philosophy of “plan, do check and act,” we will help you instill individual and team Accountability and responsibility for results.  This is accomplished by employing a set of fundamental measurements to gauge your progress in the areas essential to your company performing at its best.  We call that Peak Performance.  We will also guide your company through “what to measure and how to measure it” and then most importantly, teach you a diagnostic process of review, each day, each week and each month.  Performance measurement will be a constructive and value-added part of the company culture and a fundamental driver of the appropriate continuous improvement behaviors throughout your business.

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“Who performs your work?”


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“What would people say if I asked them about you?”

¨      “Most appreciated was Tom’s ability to help us produce quantifiable results that far exceeded our expectations.  I would recommend Tom and his staff to anyone who is serious about improvement, want everyone involved, and desire bottom line results.”

K. Metzger - President & CEO
            Herbert E. Orr & Company

¨      “In my opinion, other organizations looking to improve would be hard pressed to find consulting at a higher or more professional level than that provided by Management Solutions International.”

J. Shirk - Operation Manager
            Philips Technologies

¨      “Basically, the whole course gave me a good background on what needs to be done.  I learned how to properly organize and implement a sound and accurate system of inventory control.  These seminars are informative, yet not a burden to attend; they are well thought out and well presented.”

D. Miller - Team Leader
                                                            Karma, Inc.

¨      “The workshop will help make our ERP implementation more successful.  This course was very logically laid out and easy to follow.  This has been one of the few seminars I have been to where you actually come out with a specific plan of “this is how you do it,” rather than just a lot of theory.  As a result of this workshop, I am going to discuss making this Inventory Record Integrity project be a prerequisite to our ERP implementation.”

S. Clipfell - Vice President
                                                             Automation Plus. Inc.

¨      “I just wanted to affirm that your methodology for attaining Inventory Record Accuracy really works.  At NNI-Naperville we put together a cross-functional team and followed the steps outlined in your Inventory Record Integrity course.  We achieved the results we were looking for. Top management was well pleased with our success as well as all the participants.  Our Inventory Record Accuracy went from less than 60% to 90% +. We still have a ways to go to achieve 95%+ but we continue to work at it.

I think following a systematic approach to solving the problem is the best way.  By reviewing our current systems we were able to uncover many opportunities for improvement.  There were a few surprises along the way. It was eye opening to compare our existing procedures to reality.

The team was highly motivated and bought into the importance of inventory accuracy. Their enthusiasm spilled over and motivated others to become involved.

D. Dobbs - Materials Manager
            Nalge Nunc International


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